• I and We at the store or over the phone, do not know what you, our best Scissor Sweeper, knows or don't know. We will pass along any pertinent information we think you should know about any product you buy from us here at Scissor Sweep Vinyl. However, there will be information not passed along on the assumption on our part that you, the Scissor Sweeper, should already know and understand. The hard part about this understanding between us and you is that we don't know what you don't know, until after you realized that you didn't know it! Soon after we get a call to replace a shirt or a bag because we didn't tell you how to complete your project. Please, if you don't understand, please ask. If you think you remember, but just barely, by all means, just ask! If one of the ladies in the store can't help, they will find someone who can help. We will help to the best of what our abilities and knowledge allows. We will not be responsible for errors on your part. I have presented our best practices we use at the store below. By no means what is below is the definitive, end-all knowledge base. We still learn what not to do everyday ourselves... Thanks for your understanding.

Sizing for both HTV and Sublimation, measured at the tallest or widest point:

  • 'Large' measures 10 inches, 'Small' measures 8 inches; 'Youth' measures 5 inches.

Application Recommendations for Sublimation:

  • Sublimation was designed for polyester fabric, therefore, 100% white polyester garments will produce the best color. Up to 50% polyester / 50% cotton is acceptable, but will transfer with a "vintage" look. The image could "fade" after the first few washings of any blended garment. This is the ink washing OFF OF the blends, not OUT OF, the polyester in the garment. The color will not "fade" or wash out of the polyester.
  • Use of a heat press is a MUST. Sublimation transfers cannot be ironed! They will not transfer properly and will ghost if you try to repress or re-position the iron.
  • Our sublimation media has an embedded tack layer. This is not evident prior to pressing. However, when the heat press is opened, the sublimation transfer will be firmly adhered to your garment. Peel as you would the HTV transfer.
  • For thinner 100% poly shirts, you may need to use paper inside the shirt to keep from sublimating what you want (the front) and what you don't want (the inside back). We use a high ink load on our transfers to give you great colors for years of wearing. It is possible for the vapors to drive through to the inside back of your garment. You will see this as a reverse "ghost" image looking at the back of the shirt. A simple disposable sheet of craft paper will stop this vapor drive. If you see a transferred image on the sheet you used inside the garment, discard the paper. It is possible that THIS sheet could release vapors itself and ruin your garment!
  • Sublimation transfers do not need the same pressure as HTV. We recommend a test on a similar garment (and extra garment) to ensure proper transfer without creating the dreaded shiny squares around your image from the platen of your heat press.
  • Test pressing of your sublimation transfers should start at 365 degrees F for 40 seconds. Start here for 100% polyester with any weave pattern to it. Most 50/50 fabrics can sublimate at 400 degrees F for 60 seconds. Usually, the longer and hotter the better in terms of color density transferred to your garment. Remember, TEST, TEST, TEST!

Application Recommendations for Printed HTV:

  • Heat transfer vinyl can be used on 100% polyester to 100% cotton and any blends of the two or triblends with a third material. Printed HTV will not adhere to nylon. There are printed HTVs for nylon, however, they are not included here.
  • The HTV transfers sold by Scissor Sweep Vinyl require the use of a heat rated transfer sheet. The price of the transfer is not included in the pricing, or physically applied to the transfers pictured. You will be able to easily apply the transfer at home. The transfer sheets are reusable many times, so if you have one, don't throw it away!
  • We always recommend the use of a heat press as the PREFERRED means of applying any HTV, printed or manufactured. Applying HTV with an iron comes with too many variables to accurately and consistently apply the correct time, temperature and pressure required by the material manufacturers for proper adhesion and wash/wear performance. We have a heat press at our location that is always available for use, for a small nominal fee.
  • ALL printed HTV we sell shares the same time and temperature settings, 320 degrees F for 10 seconds with Medium to Firm pressure! That's it! No more time or heat is needed! Peel the transfer hot. Repressing your image after removal of the transfer is fine, again, 320 degrees F for 10 seconds with Medium to Firm pressure! That's it! Hotter is not better, it actually weakens the molecular crystalline structure of the glue and weakens it, actually reducing adhesion and wash/wear performance!
DRST- 01 Dr Seuss DRST- 01 Dr Seuss
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