SPDT-23 Irish Beer

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Sizing for both HTV and Sublimation, measured at the tallest or widest point:

  • 'Large' = 10 inches; 'Small' = 8 inches; 'Youth' = 5 inches.

Application Recommendations for Sublimation:

  • 100% white polyester garments will produce the best color.
  • Up to 50% polyester / 50% cotton is acceptable, but will transfer with a "vintage" look.
  • Use of a heat press is a MUST. Sublimation transfers cannot be ironed!
  • 385 degrees F for 45 seconds for textured 100% polyester.
  • Most 50/50 fabrics can sublimate at 400 degrees F for 60 seconds. Usually, the longer and hotter the better in terms of color density transferred to your garment. Remember, TEST, TEST, TEST!

Application Recommendations for Printed HTV:

  • Use of a heat press is the PREFERRED means of applying any HTV, printed or manufactured.
  • All HTV transfers sold by Scissor Sweep Vinyl require the use of a heat rated transfer sheet.
  • 320 degrees F for 10 seconds using Medium to Firm pressure! Peel the transfer hot.

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